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- 1 packet : 1 EA (70 Sheet)
- Size : 80x120x30mm (packet)
- Material : ABS, PVC, Paper
- Made in Korea
- Color : White, Brown

Your support can help save the earth.
'The Giving Tree' is a sticky memo pad that is shaped as the trunk of a tree. 
It is playful showing the essence of paper as it is.  As the memo pad is used, the trunk of the tree will gradually disappear Sending messages of the effects of wasting paper.
So the more it is used,  the more trees will disappear. 
'The Giving Tree' will be donating part of their proceeds to planting trees.




The giving treeは木の切り株の形をしている付箋です。





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Chang Bong Heo  /  heochangbong design studio

heochangbong design studio is a graphic design studio established in Seoul in 2010.

We provide professional and experimental ideas, typography, graphic, images and suggest original and practical projects and exhibitions that bring social exchange.






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